We are a growing, small professional building company, building since 1991. Creating beautiful Homes using Earth first principals and latest technologies.

I have always been interested in the intricacies of wood, every grain, every curve, a story to be told. When a tree is felled i see it live on. It can have many life times, evolving from one thing to another & each time gaining new character and telling a different story. Australia has so many Hardwoods and timbers, all with there own unique & amazing smell, colour & feel.

The knowledge that building things to last and they are not mass produced, builds a unique story of its own. Building with earth, stone & wood. Quality that will stand the test of time & create something that will live, breathe and grow with who you are.

(ZY_LO_SIN_U_OUS) xylo (greek prefix for wood) sinuous (curved naturally winding, like a rivers natural flow or a tree’s growth.

Corey Thomson

I dream and get inspired by Indigenous cultures, their ceremony, art and music, it continually drives my creations and life in different directions.

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